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Since 1982, Through the Looking Glass (TLG) has grown from a small back-yard nonprofit organization to a nationally and internationally recognized leader in providing services and resources for families with disabilities in the Bay Area as well as throughout the U.S. TLG’s recent growth includes our new location at the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley as well as TLG’s new Early Head Start Center.

Each year, TLG staff provide intervention and developmental services to nearly 2,000 Bay Area clients, train and consult with thousands of parents, family members and professionals nationally and internationally, and conduct several groundbreaking national research projects concerning families with disabilities. As funding cutbacks continue to reduce or eliminate critically needed services and resources, TLG struggles to meet the needs of families with disabilities. Our battles are small and large: individual parents and grandparents needing specialized adaptive babycare equipment to help them feed, bathe or play with their children; infants with disabilities or medical conditions that need expert intervention in order to thrive and develop; local, state and national policies that discriminate against parents with disabilities.

By purchasing a personalized leaf or dove in the TLG Donor Tree, your tax deductible contribution will help TLG continue to provide disability-appropriate services, resources, training and expert consultations to families with disabilities. Your donation is an investment in our future; it will help support and shape the life of children and families with disability issues. Your donation will be a permanent symbol, an unwavering reminder of how you helped shape the life of children in the community. Each donor leaf and dove recognizing you, your family, loved ones or business will be permanently and prominently displayed in our Donor Tree at the entrance to our new facilities at the Ed Roberts Campus.

Please join us grow TLG’s Donor Tree. Please put your tax deductible dollars to work for the children and families of TLG and your community. We are working together to make this a better place for all of us.

Thank you for your support!

TLG is a 501(C)3 Nonprofit Organization

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