TLG Services for Children with Disabilities

TLG provides direct services to families of infants and children within the Bay Area in which a parent, parenting grandparent and/or child has a disability, medical issue or developmental concern.

Home-Based Services

TLG provides home-based services in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties for families and their young children who have had particularly worrisome and difficult beginnings or who have ongoing physical, medical or developmental problems. Services are based upon TLG's nationally recognized model program which combines professional expertise in the areas of infant mental health, infant development, family therapy, disability adaptations and peer counseling. Services are tailored to meet the social, emotional and cultural needs of each family.

Developmental Services

Infant/ Toddler developmental specialists from a variety of disciplines assess and intervene during home visits to enhance the development of children from birth to age three.

Relationship Support

Families can have home visits from a social worker, psychologist or family therapist, many of whom have personal disability experience. These providers focus on nurturing and supporting relationships between parents, children, and families, as well as on facilitating parenting skills, interaction, and problem solving.

Parent Support Groups

Parents of children with disabilities and other medical issues can participate in one of our parent support groups in the East Bay Area.

Children on the Autism Spectrum

Through The Looking Glass provides Group and Individual home and community based specialized services for kids with Autism, Asperger Syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder.  For more information, please contact Christi Tuleja at TLG: (510) 848-1112 ext. 119.

CCS Youth Group

In collaboration with California Children's Services, TLG is facilitating a youth mentor group for youth with disabilities that are transitioning from teenage to adulthood in the local San Francisco bay area. The participants range in age from sixteen to twenty-two. The purpose of the group is to empower participants to gain independence and mentor other youth to do the same. The group focuses on issues such as job readiness, self-advocacy, college preparedness and obtaining housing. For more information on the group contact co-facilitator Nikki Brown-Booker, MFT at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Chatterbox is a parent-child interactional therapeutic play/care group designed to give parents the tools to encourage language skills in their children through fun, engaging and interactional activities.  Parents and their young children participate in morning snack, themed circle time with songs, arts & crafts, sensory motor activities, book time, outdoor fun, parent group (kids separate for child focused developmental activities), lunch and closing song.  The group is run by a special educator, speech and occupational therapy consultants and a family clinician all with specialized training and experience working with parents with intellectual disabilities.

Who Does TLG Serve Locally?

In 2014, TLG served 1,908 clients, 89% living in poverty: 1,112 individuals in 311 families received regular services (typically, once or twice a week) of home-based mental health services and early intervention, or daily attendance in TLG’s Early Head Start center; additionally, 796 children were served through groups/playgroups or TLG’s developmental or mental health consultation to Head Start and Early Head Start centers in Oakland. Of our 2007 clients in 2014, 37.7% were Latino/Hispanic, 35.5% African-American, 8.9% Caucasian, 9.8% Asian/Pacific Islander, 0.1% Native American, .8% Other, and 7.2% Mixed Ethnicity. 60.4% of the clients we served were from birth to 4 years old, 5.8% were ages 5 to 6, 5.8% were ages 7 to 12, and 3.2% were ages 13 to 17. In 111 families both parent(s) and child(ren) had disabilities. 87% of the clients were in Alameda County, with the remainder in Contra Costa County.

1 TLG's Early Head Start
2 Guidelines for Practice with Parents with Intellectual Disabilities and their Children
3 Children on the Autism Spectrum
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