Child Custody Issues

We at TLG believe that the unnecessary removal of a child from a safe and loving home, on the basis of a parent's disability, is an inexcusable traumatization of children and a violation of the civil rights of parents with disabilities. We believe that all parties should be motivated by compassion for children to avoid this outcome whenever possible. Unfortunately, what we have found specifically is that for some disability populations, removal rates of children are as high as 60%, and in general, whatever the disability population, unnecessary removal occurs too often. Our services can help.

We have published guides and articles to assist parents with disabilities and Deaf parents who are involved in child custody situations.

We also offer trainings specifically tailored for various systems, such as Child Protective Services, Early Intervention programs, Early Head Start, and Independent Living Centers, to help these professionals cope with the unique issues that arise when they are serving a parent with a disability who has custody issues.

Our staff specialists can review parenting evaluations and other court records to determine whether or not appropriate accommodations were made for parents who are disabled or Deaf. They have served as expert witnesses in many such custody cases

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