2014 National Scholarship Winners Announced

2014 Students of Parents with Disabilities Scholarship Winners Announced

The National Center for Parents with Disabilities and their Families at Through the Looking Glass announces the winners of its 2014 College Scholarships for Students of Parents with Disabilities. Funding was only available for sixteen scholarships, yet nearly 700 students from across the U.S. applied for these scholarships. Each award is a $1,000 college scholarship for an outstanding high school senior or college student who has at least one parent with a disability.

Scholarship winners include those whose mother or father has a disability as well as those families in which both parents have disabilities. Scholarships have been awarded to the following students: Raven Bronson (hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL; attending University of Central Florida); Katherine Clark (Newtown, CT; University of New England); Rachel Ferguson (Pineland, TX; East Texas Baptist University); Maria Granados (Grand Prairie, TX; Texas Tech University); Kessa Kelly (Surprise, AZ; Arizona State University); Sophia Kiselova (Worthington, OH; Ohio State University); Danielle Klimecko (Niagra Falls, NY; Niagra University); Devon Matthias (Greenfield, WI; University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee); Amanda Morris (Farmington, CT; New York University); Rachel Olsson (Golden, CO; Arizona State University); Nailah Phillips (Leesburg, VA; McDaniel College, Westminster MD); Amber Rumbolo (St. Peters, MO; University of Missouri – Columbia); Nils Skudra (Albany, CA; University of California - Berkeley); Paige Taylor (Omaha, NE; Iowa State University); Heather Walker (Mentor, OH; Clemson University); and, Claire Wisniewski (Madison, WI; Knox College, Galesburg IL).